Explore Camus

Camus has one of the highest proportions of residents in the Gaeltacht who speak Irish as their
everyday language. Young people from all over Ireland immerse themselves in the culture of the
Gaeltacht region at Coláiste Chamuis summer Irish college while staying with local host families. Camus is an area rich in Irish culture, unaccompanied singing called sean-nós and the Camus set dance are part of the local tradition.

Camus is a remote area with scenic walks. If you park at the church and walk up camus Hill you will be greeted by spectacular panoramic scenic views of the surrounding region which includes the Twelve Bens, Ros Muc, Carna and the many islands and inlets off the Connemara coast. Close to the top of Camus Hill you will find the infamous instagrammable ‘O’ corten steel sculpture which frames the surrounding scenes. Further up Camus Hill you will find Camus Tower(known locally as An Tower) which was used as a look out tower by the Irish to keep watch for the Black&Tans.

Fishing permits can be purchased from Screebe Lodge for fishing in local lakes and rivers. The Green Bee are hobbyist beekeepers in Camus. They sell our raw honey, homemade jams / marmalade, homemade lip balm and free range eggs from an honesty box at the front of their house.

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