Lúibín Gharmna/Garumna Loop

Lúibíní Garumna – Gorumna Loop

Gorumna Island is located in Connemara’s Archipelago in the South Connemara Gaeltacht.  It is connected to the mainland via Carraig a’Logáin Bridge.

There are spectacular views of Trá an Dóilín, Cnoc Mordáin, the Aran Islands and an abundance of coastal inlets . This is the Wild Atlantic Way at its most rugged on Gorumna Island.

Gorumna Loop is another walk ideal for anyone looking to explore some hidden gems! It is 8km long with a moderate grade. Let the gentle sloping trail guide you as you wander throughout the island.

Explore the colourful landscape of green bracken, yellow gorse, white hawthorn, blackberry bushes, daisies and wild foxgloves.



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