Explore Na Forbacha

Na Forbacha (Furbo in English) is the heart of Galway Gaeltacht, the country’s top-Irish speaking region. It retains its own cultural traditions and way of life.

With countless rocky inlets, coves and islands, the coastal landscape is more water than land. Piers and landing places are a reminder of the days when the main way to travel was by sea.

In this area Irish is the main language, the figure for those who self-report as speaking Irish daily is around 39% and the headquarters of Údarás na Gaeltacht, the Gaeltacht Authority, is located in Na Forbacha.

Trá na bhForbacha – Furbo Beach – is a lovely beach located just by the roadside of the village. It has been marked as safe for bathing and it’s perfect for leisurely walks when the tide is out.

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