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Celebrate your “Would-Be” Wedding in Connemara


2020 is the year of the “Corona-Bride”. This summer has seen many disappointed Irish couples postponing their special day due to the current restrictions on large gatherings in the country.

Nuptials have been put on hold and many would-be newlyweds are marking their original wedding date in a memorable way.

Model and Former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh was due to marry fiance Gary this weekend, and chose to spend their day celebrating in beautiful Connemara!

Aoife and Gary spent the weekend in Ballynahinch Castle and enjoyed a picnic on the stunning Roundstone Beach.


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Connemara is the ideal place for couples like Aoife and her partner to mark their “would-ing” day! We have it all, from romantic hotels, to picturesque beaches and even island getaways to spend some time with the one you love most.

 Here’s our top reasons you should spend your Would-Be Wedding Day in Connemara!

Spectacular Beaches

We understand your original wedding date can be a little sad – so brighten your day with a trip to one of our many outstanding beaches in Connemara! Aoife Walsh’s description of her time spent on Roundstone Beach really sums it up for us:

“Yesterday was something out of a dream, found the the best beach in Ireland with white sand and turquoise waters! More like the Caribbean than Connemara!”

Read our best recommendations for beaches in Connemara here.


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Breathtaking Islands

With a lot of honeymoons put on hold this summer, people are dying for a feel of that secluded island life. The Aran Islands off the coast of Connemara are unlike any other!

Crystal clear waters, beautiful white sands and unspoilt landscape that stretches for miles – all this and more awaits you on the beautiful islands of Connemara. Take the ferry for a day trip or spend the night, you will get that much-needed break you deserve and focus on what really matters.

Romantic Hotels

What better way to mark your special day than with a stay in a luxurious castle? Set in an estate of woodland, rivers and walks,  Ballynahinch Castle is one of THE most romantic locations in all of Ireland!

If a castle isn’t your style, why not cosy up to the coast for the weekend with a stay in the beautiful Connemara Coast Hotel or the boutique Connemara Sands Hotel? Both hotels are four-star with spectacular sea views!


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Beautiful Walks

We’re not shy to admit we think Connemara is home to the best walks, hikes and trails in the country! Ranging from small strolls to strenuous hikes and everything in between, there is something to suit every couple in the area. 

Why not don your hiking boots, pack a picnic and get out into the beautiful fresh air – there’s nothing more memorable than a walk on the edge of the world! For our top walks and hike, have a read here.

Outstanding Food

After a long day of exploring in the landscape of Connemara, there is nothing better than sitting down to a beautiful meal of locally sourced produce served with a side of outstanding hospitality.

Fresh catch of the day, crab claws or creamy seafood chowder with thick wedges of soda bread, whichever you prefer you will find the best of the best here in Connemara.

Why not take your dining experience to the next level and visit DK Connemara Oysters, where you can take a tour of the oyster beds and learn about the 127 year-old farm, then topping off your evening with a delicious oyster tasting. 


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Kylemore Abbey

Connemara is steeped in Irish history and a visit to Kylemore Abbey is a must-do when in the area. With beautifully restored period rooms, Kylemore is regarded as one of these most romantic buildings in the entire country.

The Abbey offers a fascinating visitor experience where you can learn about the history of the Abbey, steeped in tragedy, romance and spirituality. 

Visit the restored rooms of the Abbey to step back in time and learn about the lives of those who lived, worked and prayed in this beautiful building. Discover woodland and lakeshore walks that will take you on a beautiful journey through the 1,000-acre estate. 


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Boat Tours

If you’re looking for a memorable activity to mark your special day, Killary Fjord Boat Tours is a must-do.

The cruise begins on the Southside of the Killary and sets off to the mouth of the Fjord, taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Hills rising steeply from the silvery sea, with frequent shifts in light and shadow creating different colours on the peaks and valleys. Deep green fields and occasional stands of trees contrast with heathery bogs. There really is no better setting for your romantic weekend!


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