Conamara agus oileáin

Conamara agus oileáin

The Best Walks in Connemara

No trip to Connemara is complete without the addition of at least one scenic walk to your itinerary. With a trail to suit every level of fitness, there’s something for everybody in Connemara. From strenuous day-long treks, to walks that can be completed with a buggy in tow, we’ve rounded up the best walks in the West!

For full details on the routes outlined below, download our maps here and save to your phone for easy access!

Inishbofin Loop


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Inishbofin is a must-visit for those looking for an unforgettable walk while in Connemara. Take your camera along and marvel at the stunning scenery while trekking this isolated island!

Inishbofin has three looped walks, with the Westquarter Loop coming in at the longest walk at 8km. This hike offers views of magnificent the Dún More Cliffs, sea arches and blow holes and other features carved out from the wild Atlantic waves.

The island is steeped in history so make sure you visit the Iron Age promontory as well as the old Famine Road.

Galway Wind Way


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The Galway Wind Way has six recreational trails including Connemara View Loop, Split Rock Trail, Turbine Trail, Seecon Lough Path, Peak Ridge Path and the Forest Cycleway.

All of these routes are family-friendly and are suitable for all levels of fitness. The Split Rock Trail in particular is manageable for those with buggies and wheelchairs. 

This wild yet remote place is rich in local stories from those farmers and foresters that settled there long ago.

The Inishnee Loop 


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The Inishnee Loop is a 6km route starting at the bridge onto Inish Ní island and treats walkers to stunning coastal Connemara scenery from all sides.

Inis Ní is one of the most northerly outposts of the south Connemara Gaeltacht, with the Loop bringing hikers deep into the island, passing views Rocknock, Portadoody Harbor and Little Erris Hill.

The trail runs down the west side of the island, looking over the water to sandy Gorteen Bay, Errisbeg Hill and the village of Roundstone. St. Margaret’s Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Connemara, lies to the east of the island and is still occupied by an old church dating from the 12th century.

Lúb Dún Fearbhaí


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The Lúb Dún Fearbhaí is an outstanding walk of the isle of Inishmaan. An easy to moderate trail, this walk takes about five hours to complete in full – of course allowing for some photo breaks along the way (you’re going to want some on this scenic walk!).

From the pier, the route follows the purple arrows to stay on track, while the green and blue arrows indicate the shorter loop options also.

Points of interest include Cill Cheannannach church built nearly 1,200 years ago, Synge’s Chair, and Dún Fearbhaí Fort.

The Inishmore Looped Walks


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Inishmore is the largest of the Aran Islands offering three different looped walks ranging from 10-16km. Walked or cycled, these routes are for the fitter adventurer.

Lúb Dun Eochla is the most popular walk on the island. This 10km route takes visitors on grassy trails through the island with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean the entire way.

The walk cuts across the island, close to the highest point, returning by the coast road on the other side and passing sites like Teampall Chiarain, Teampall Asumaí and Tur Eochaill.

Those looking for more of a challenge may stretch their walk out further and tackle either Lúb an Chorrúch or Lúb Chill Mhuirbhigh.

The Gorumna Loop


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Gorumna Island is located in Connemara’s Archipelago in the South Connemara Gaeltacht and it is connected to the mainland via Carraig a’Logáin Bridge.

With spectacular views of hills, meandering stone walls, babbling springs and an abundance of coastal inlets you are exploring the Wild Atlantic Way at its most rugged on Gorumna Island.

The Gorumna Loop is another walk ideal for the entire family, from baby to grandparent! Let the gentle sloping trail guide you as you wander throughout the island, admiring the colourful landscape of green bracken, yellow gorse, white hawthorn, blackberry bushes, daisies and wild foxgloves, all of which grow by the roadside. 

Lúibín Mhaírois


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If there’s one walk to add to your Connemara bucket list this summer, let it be the Lúibín Mhaírois (Moorish Bracket in English)!

This short 5km walk is short but challenging, with a few uphill climbs, rewarded by unspoilt views in every direction. A mix of beach and boreen, the landscape is only disturbed by quaint cottages and rugged stone walls. 

The walk begins at the sixth century church at Kilmurry Cemetery and brings trekkers on a meandering trail through beaches, inlets and on to grassy paths. 


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