The Most Haunted Locations in Connemara

We all love a good ghost story, especially around Halloween! Ireland is home to many a haunted site, with some of the spookiest residing in our very own Connemara! There have been countless tales through the years of ghostly encounters, so keep your eyes peeled, and you might just spot something supernatural this Halloween season!

Clifden Castle 


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While the beaches are often a reason for many flocking to the seaside town, it is Clifden’s infamous castle that has something spooky in store for visitors this Halloween.

Clifden Castle was built for the town founder John D’arcy in 1818 but went into decline during the Great Famine of 1845.

Many of D’arcy’s starving tenants in Clifden, suffering from disease and famine, gathered on the castle lawn to plead for work or food.

It is said that some of the stricken tenants died right on the castle grounds, and their spirits to this day can be seen and heard on the property!

Renvyle House


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Now a Luxurious resort hotel, Renvyle House Hotel is also draped in Connemara history and is thought to be one of the most haunted places in all of Ireland!

The property was originally owned by famous Dublin surgeon and poet Oliver St. John Gogarty. Gogarty previously reported supernatural occurrences in the house, including seeing figures and faces in the dead of night.

Regular guests of his were W.B. Yeats (a famous believer in the paranormal) and his wife Georgia. Yeats once held a séance in the library.

Georgia reported seeing the ghost of a young boy, but many believe her husband never left – as after his death a new ghost appeared, a tall man in tweed.

Daly Castle, Loughrea


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Daly Castle was a 19th century manor house built by the Daly family. The facade of the partial remains still stand today as the backdrop to some seriously spooky ghost stories! It is said that eerie echoes of a party can be heard floating from the castle remains, with music and laughter filling the air.

Some say that if you continue listening to the celebrations they end in screams and cries for help!

This haunting could be related to the Daly home from the 1800s, or to the much earlier 16th century Blake tower that was incorporated into the facade.

The Maam Cross Ghost


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If you stay around Connemara long enough, you’ll know doubt hear whispered tales of the Old Man at Maam Cross!

Throughout the years from different sources there have been apparent sightings of a sad elderly man standing in the middle of the road near Maam Cross. Although the exact location is unknown, the reports are that the phantom haunts an old dirt road running along a hill near Maam Cross.

It is said that the old man doesn’t move and that cars have passed straight through his ghostly presence. And after the old man passes through the car, if you look back you will see the old man gazing at you very sadly…..seriously creepy!

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