Inis Meáin Restaurant and Suites

Inis Meáin is one of the Aran Islands strewn across Galway Bay, 20 kilometers off the west coast of Ireland. It is just 5 kilometers long and supports 150 inhabitants. Ruairí de Blacam is a chef and a native of Inis Meáin. He and his wife, Marie-Thérèse, have created an award-winning seasonal restaurant and suite accommodation on the island.

Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites’ aim is to enhance visitor’s appreciation of the island by providing a style of accommodation and dining that is complimentary to its unique and special location. The building was designed by de Blacam & Meaghar architects and is inspired by the surrounding landscape of the island.

The restaurant is contemporary in styling and has panoramic views of Inis Meáin, Galway Bay and Connemara. The main ingredients used in the restaurant are harvested from the island.
Specialities include lobster and crab caught by local fishermen from currachs, the traditional island fishing boats. Vegetables, fruit & herbs are grown by the de Blacams using only island seaweed as fertilizer, and the shoreline and island paths are foraged for wild food.

For optimum relaxation there are just five exclusive suites. Each suite is a large open space with a hall, living area, en-suite sleeping area, exterior door and outside sitting area. A continuous 10 meter long window provides each suite with an uninterrupted view of Inis Meáin, Galway Bay and Connemara.

Custom-designed Cube bicycles, Steiner binoculars, ash walking sticks, fishing rods, and books of interest are provided in place of televisions to help guests discover the peace and quiet of the island. The uncluttered space is complemented by soft furnishings in natural fibres and tones, designed for relaxation and comfort after a day spent exploring outdoors.

Old traditions in farming, fishing, sport, and music are a large part of daily life. Irish is the first language of the islanders. Being the least visited of the Aran Islands, Inis Meáin offers the most peaceful and genuine experience of this unique landscape and culture. This tranquillity and simple way of living are what make Inis Meáin special.

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